Discover Nautika Seafood: Premium, sustainable seafood expertly sourced by Matt Sovis. Join our journey towards a healthier, tastier future.
Nautika Seafood

Nautika Seafood, steered by the expert hands of Matt Sovis with twelve years of experience in premium and sustainable seafood, shines as a leading light in the global seafood market. Matt's deep commitment to sourcing the finest seafood products worldwide forms the core of our mission. This dedication ensures not only the highest quality, flavorful seafood for our customers but also supports responsible and sustainable harvesting practices. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of products, simplifying the buying process and setting new standards in the industry.

Our offerings span the icy waters of Alaska to the vibrant ecosystems of Ecuador, showcasing a rich variety of seafood including Wild Alaskan Salmon, Black Cod, and sustainably farmed shrimp, among others. Each item in our selection meets strict criteria for quality and sustainability, thanks to our strong partnerships with responsible suppliers around the world. This commitment allows our customers to enjoy the finest tastes while contributing to the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Nautika Seafood is revolutionizing how businesses and consumers access premium seafood, offering a wide range of top-quality, sustainable options from a single, reliable source. Whether you're a culinary professional aiming to enhance your dishes or a home cook in search of the freshest ingredients, Nautika Seafood is here to meet your needs. With Matt Sovis leading the way, we are dedicated to bringing the bounty of the sea to your table with unmatched expertise and commitment.

At Nautika Seafood, we believe in a future where the seafood industry thrives in harmony with the natural world. Choosing us means opting for a selection of premium seafood that is responsibly sourced and delivered with utmost care. Join us in our journey towards sustainability and experience the difference of Nautika Seafood.

Nautika Seafood

Seafood Industry Stats

Wild-Caught Flavor: Blind Taste Tests Show 60% Preference for Wild Blue Shrimp's Sweetness.
Culinary Favorite: Black Cod Featured on Menus in 700+ High-End Restaurants Nationwide.
Sustainable Choice: Wild Alaskan Salmon Aids Ocean Health, Reducing Bycatch by 900+ Tons Yearly.
Wild Alaskan SalmonCaught Wild Alaskan Salmon

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