Wild Blue Shrimp

Premium wild blue shrimp, chemical/brine-free & day boat caught.
Wild Blue Shrimp
Wild Blue Shrimp

Premium wild blue shrimp, chemical/brine-free & day boat caught. Sweet, firm snap. Available in all forms, including 1# retail packs.

Our wild blue shrimp is a standout choice for seafood enthusiasts seeking the highest quality and flavor. Caught daily using day boat fishing methods, our shrimp are guaranteed to be chemical and brine-free, ensuring a natural taste and texture that sets them apart from the rest. This commitment to purity and sustainability not only preserves the delicate ecosystems of their natural habitats but also provides you with a healthier, more flavorful seafood option.

The wild blue shrimp is celebrated for its sweet taste and firm snap, a testament to its freshness and premium quality. It is a cut above the standard white and brown wild shrimp, offering a unique culinary experience. Whether you're looking to impress guests at a dinner party or simply indulge in a luxurious meal at home, our wild blue shrimp is sure to exceed your expectations.

We offer our wild blue shrimp in a variety of forms to suit any culinary need: Prawns (head on), Shell on, Peeled and deveined with tail on or off (hand peeled), and Ez Peel. Our prawns are available in 6/4 blocks, shell on in 6/5 blocks, and peeled/Ez Peel in 10/2 IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) to ensure freshness. Additionally, all forms are available in 1# retail packs, making it easy for you to enjoy premium wild blue shrimp in any quantity you desire. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, our selection caters to your needs, allowing you to create exquisite dishes with ease.

Wild Blue Shrimp
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Seafood Industry Stats

Wild-Caught Flavor: Blind Taste Tests Show 60% Preference for Wild Blue Shrimp's Sweetness.
Culinary Favorite: Black Cod Featured on Menus in 700+ High-End Restaurants Nationwide.
Sustainable Choice: Wild Alaskan Salmon Aids Ocean Health, Reducing Bycatch by 900+ Tons Yearly.
Wild Blue Shrimp

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